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Advantages of artificial turf

  What are the strengths of artificial turf?

  1. All-weather: artificial turf is not affected by the climate, and the power of the progressive place is used;

  2. Evergreen: After the natural grass enters the dormant period, the artificial grass can still bring you the feeling of spring;

  3. Environmental protection: The materials are all in line with environmental protection requirements, and the artificial grass surface layer can be recycled and reused;

  4. simulation: artificial grass is produced by the principle of bionics, excellent elasticity, comfortable feet

  5. durability: durable, not easy to fade, especially suitable for places with high frequency of use;

  6. Economical: Generally, the service life of more than five years can be ensured;

  7. protection-free: artificial grass basically no protection costs, only need to avoid human damage;

  8. Simple construction: artificial grass can be paved on asphalt, cement, hard sand and other places.

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