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Advantages of rattan furniture

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, people are increasingly demanding low-carbon and environmentally-friendly furniture. More and more people will choose rattan furniture to decorate the family. So, where is the rattan furniture?

It is very environmentally friendly (more environmentally friendly than solid wood, because solid wood is glued with wood), rattan furniture is handmade, without any industrial pollution;

It belongs to leisure products (life is the goal of people's pursuit and yearning in a relaxed and leisure environment). Returning to nature is the tireless pursuit of modern urban people;

It has an artistic sense and is highly ornamental and can be used as a work of art;

It is warm in winter and cool in summer, and has more seasonal energy than leather and fabric furniture;

It is very durable and generally has a service life of 20-30 years;

It has the value of upgrading, preserving value and collecting value, which is mainly reflected in: a natural resource of vine, natural plant; traditional handicraft, long life;

Its surface is more and more new, and its use value is high;

It uses traditional craftsmanship, classical and beautiful, and has a long-lasting rhyme. It is a durable product that never goes out of style;

It can improve the living environment, improve the quality of life, reflect the quality of life of the owner, and better cultivate the temperament;

Rattan furniture is more in line with the modern people's pursuit of returning to the basics, low carbon and environmentally friendly life.

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