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Advantages of roof artificial turf

  Roof greening can improve the ecological environment. The most used ones are artificial turf roof greening. The color of artificial turf is closer to natural turf, which can bring vitality to the society. At the same time, the roof greening can also be decorated according to different preferences of customers, such as the style of the hotel, the aesthetic style, the sweet style, etc., bringing vitality to your life.

  Artificial turf has many advantages for roof greening, for example, it can improve the ecological environment, reduce the heat island effect, and make the greenery more beautiful, which greatly enhances the overall aesthetic of the city. And the green grass of the roof greening artificial turf is softer, the water permeability is good, and the appearance is almost the same as the natural grass. The use of artificial turf for roof greening is also more economical, and its paving is simpler and the maintenance and repair work is easy.

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