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Artificial grass summer maintenance

  Cool down

  In summer, the temperature is hot. In many cities, the surface temperature generally rises above 40°C. Therefore, the surface temperature of artificial turf is relatively high. In order to avoid the physical discomfort of athletes during high temperature exercise, the surface temperature of artificial turf is lowered. Important steps are maintained in the summer, and the way to sprinkle water on the site can effectively reduce the temperature. This method is commonly used, including reducing the surface temperature by spraying water to the venue before the professional league competition. Sprinkler cooling requires attention to use a clean water source, spray evenly, the site is wet, due to the rapid evaporation of water, you can repeatedly sprinkle water according to the specific situation.


  In summer, there are many rains, especially in the rainy season in South China. Heavy rains will have a certain impact on the artificial turf drainage system. Generally, moderate and light rain has no obvious influence on the artificial turf field, because the drainage system is made at the time of construction of the site, and there are drainage holes on the back of the lawn. The medium and small rain will not affect the artificial turf, and it can basically be cleared in half an hour. Water in the site. However, heavy rainstorms often occur in the summer. If the rainfall exceeds the maximum, the drainage efficiency of the lawn will decrease, and the lawn will be submerged to cause damage. Therefore, tools such as wipers should be used for artificial drainage after heavy rain.

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