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Artificial turf drainage design

Artificial turf drainage design

The artificial turf is designed with a drainage system, the turf cushion is permeable, and the foundation layer is designed with drainage pipes. The construction structure of such turf is complicated and the cost is high. However, some systems do not have a drainage system designed, so it depends on the natural slope of the surface to drain, so the surface construction requirements are higher. Before the artificial turf was built, in order to ensure the quality and economic efficiency of the artificial turf, the above four factors should be considered mainly.

In addition to the main factors, there are other factors such as the treatment of the base layer and the choice of bonding glue. In short, in the actual construction of the project, the factors should be fully combined with the economic input of the investor and the actual use characteristics of the artificial turf, relying on scientific theories and techniques to maximize the principles of economy, application and effectiveness.

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