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Artificial turf gives pets a comfortable home

  The artificial turf is a simulated natural grass. It is very close to natural grass in terms of shape, color and softness. Visually, the dog will not be noticed, and the softness is very good. Your pet will step on it. The same as natural turf. At the same time, the artificial turf raw material is PE polyethylene. It does not want to attract some mosquitoes and insects like natural grass. The grass is made on the base fabric. The small hole of the base fabric ensures the discharge of urine and water. Good water permeability, the urine produced by pets on the lawn can be eliminated, avoiding some odor. Another advantage of pet artificial turf is that it is easier to clean and maintain. It is not as complicated as natural grass. If the faeces of the pets stain the artificial turf, they can be rinsed directly with water without causing them to be excreted. Residues breed bacteria, which can not only give you a comfortable home, but also give your family more peace of mind.

  In fact, there are also many people who love pets are more worried about the safety of pets. Natural turf maintenance sometimes uses pesticides and pesticides, which may cause pets' life safety problems. However, the use of pet artificial turf is very good to avoid this problem. Nowadays, artificial turf manufacturers use food-grade raw materials to produce lawns. It is absolutely environmentally safe. It does not require chemicals for later maintenance. The family caused any harm. In the case of natural decline, pet artificial turf has become the first choice of many people, which is why artificial turf will be the main reason for many lovers.

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