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Artificial turf laying process

Artificial turf is a kind of product mainly used in the outdoors. Although its quality is excellent, if it is subjected to heavy pressure and harsh environment for a long time, the various properties of its materials are in a state of slow decline, which gradually ages until it is completely lost. Use features.

The laying of  Golden Moon artificial turf is actually very easy. The simple summary is flattening, the size is cut, and the edge can be glued. When laying on a flat bottom, the back of the artificial turf does not need to be integrally bonded. Since the high-quality artificial turf itself has good flatness and overall strength, it is only necessary to unseal the joints of the two turf with the manufacturer. Stick the back.

On the periphery of the entire site, if the artificial turf top wall does not need to be bonded, and if the artificial turf is connected to the open space, the back edge of the turf should be glued directly to the ground to prevent frequent kicking and tripping. people.

In addition, when the artificial turf is laid on complex parts such as stairs, walls and flower beds, it is also necessary to apply all the glue to the back of the lawn. Before laying artificial turf, don't forget to ensure that the basic ground treatment is up to standard, otherwise it will affect the paving effect.

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