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Artificial turf laying skills

  The laying of artificial turf is a process of matching with the ground. If the geographical location is not good enough, even if it takes more time and energy to study the laying skills, it is not feasible, but when it is laid, it is available in all conditions. In the case of some necessary methods and tools and the process of operation still need to be accurately grasped, otherwise it will directly affect the effect and aesthetics of the product laying, but for customers who are less demanding, there is absolutely no need to consider, but if It is a company that has strict requirements for its own development, and any small error is not allowed.

  The choice of the site to be laid on the lawn must be leveled. The specific standard is that the slope of the ground is below five thousandths. This slope is basically the inclination of the human body to visually understand the difference. Of course it is only one of the important steps. Secondly, on the basis that the inclination of the ground meets the requirements, the laid ground should be further finished. For the convenience of laying, some will be directly coated with a special material of cement. This is also the basic work before laying, which is very important for the entire subsequent laying.

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