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Artificial turf needs to be filled with accessories

  Outdoor artificial turf laying often requires the use of excipients, and what role does the excipient play in artificial turf laying?

  1. Extend the service life of artificial turf; why do you say this? Because the density and quality of artificial turf is not enough, plus football is a fierce sport. If it is not filled with appropriate accessories, the grass is long. Wear and cracking will occur soon after the time has been stepped on. This not only reduces the length of use of the Golden Moon artificial turf but also may cause the athlete to be injured.

  2. fixed grass and strengthen the performance of sports; artificial turf does not have any soil, properly filled quartz sand and rubber particles can fix the grass, no protection of quartz sand, artificial grass in the high intensity of football It will quickly fall off and wear under exercise, so it is essential to fill the right amount of quartz sand. If filling according to the FIFA standard, for example, 50 mm grass height is generally filled with 14-16 mesh rubber particles 6KG, and 40-60 mesh quartz sand 25KG is preferred. A filling height of 35 mm is optimal.

  3. enhance the friction; everyone knows that the artificial turf is made of PE (polyethylene), which is made of plastic brushed, so the surface is very smooth, much smoother than natural grass, if the person who kicked the ball in the artificial turf field It should be known that when it rains, the site is very slippery. If there are rubber particles filled, it can greatly provide the friction of the lawn and effectively improve the performance of the artificial turf.

  Matters needing attention: 1, the filled quartz sand and rubber particles must be kept dry, if not dry, it may cause the quartz sand and rubber particles to agglomerate unevenly, thus affecting the flatness and uniformity of the site, which will greatly reduce the artificial turf Sports performance; 2, must use professional sand injection machine and brush machine equipment, using multiple uniform filling, so as to maintain the uniformity of the site.

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