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Artificial turf prohibition

  Artificial turf sports venues have become very popular all over the country, bringing a better experience for the development of various sports. In order to prolong the service life and aesthetic length of the artificial turf sports ground, it is necessary to properly and properly maintain it, and prohibit all acts that are not conducive to artificial turf.

  Prohibitions concerning artificial turf sports venues include the prohibition of wearing 9mm long spikes running on the lawn; prohibiting any motor vehicles from driving on the lawn; prohibiting heavy objects from being pressed on artificial turf for a long time; prohibiting shots, javelins, discus or Other high-falling sports are carried out on artificial turf, which can damage the artificial turf sports ground.

  For the various foreign objects in the artificial turf sports ground, it must be cleaned, especially foreign objects such as leaves, pine needles, nuts, chewing gum, etc., which will cause tangles, spots and stains. Therefore, before starting the exercise, it is necessary to check the artificial turf sports ground to avoid potential safety hazards to artificial turf and sportsmen.

  Secondly, it is also necessary to prevent the external sewage from infiltrating into the artificial turf sports ground. When constructing, build a circle of kerbstone on the side of the lawn to prevent the sewage from infiltrating and effectively protect the site. In addition, after the artificial turf sports ground pavement is completed, there is a need for renovation for some time.

  During the renovation period, the artificial turf sports ground should be cleaned regularly, and the gravel should be evenly sifted to ensure that the grass stems are upright and the gravel is even. It is forbidden to step on the snow, and the surface should be cleaned before use. In the usual use of the site, it is also necessary to regularly rinse with water to maintain a stable state.

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