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Artificial turf quality guarantee conditions

  Artificial turf must be laid by professional teams. They not only provide high-quality artificial turf, but also ensure good construction quality. In order to prolong the service life of artificial turf, try to choose the right sneaker according to the surface condition of the site. Secondly, the surface of the artificial turf playground should be maintained in strict accordance with the corresponding requirements, and in the right way.

  Under normal circumstances, the installation of artificial turf should be selected below the altitude of 1500 meters, or 5,000 feet. In order to ensure the finishability of the artificial turf, the surface cannot be treated with mechanical equipment or chemicals; if the artificial turf is damaged due to excessive use, the frequency of use should be reduced accordingly, and the artificial turf should be raised accordingly. Durability.

  Normally, the artificial turf field is recommended to be used within four hours per day. When the outdoor temperature is lower than -5 ° C or higher than 40 ° C, it is not recommended to exercise on artificial turf, which is also very harmful to human health. At the same time, the artificial turf yarn should be minimized. If the lawn yarn is excessively mechanically roughed during laying, the quality of the artificial turf cannot be fully guaranteed. Under the premise of using filler materials, the choice of materials is critical, must be a quality product with a sulfur content of less than 2%; should also meet the requirements of the relevant standards.

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