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Artificial turf wear the key

  Artificial turf as a kind of imitation of natural lawn grass, the use of artificial turf not only to meet the needs of high-intensity exercise, laying simple, strong applicability; and bright color, good touch, grass, excellent flatness, do not need to consume water conservation . In order to meet the perennial nature of this feature, it requires artificial turf to withstand long-term UV, wind, rain and other adverse conditions of the external damage, the service life is long.

  In order to achieve this goal, we need to improve the wearability of artificial turf on the basis of the original so as to prolong its service life and promote its development in environmental protection, economy and sports. The current use of artificial turf are basically made of polymer composite materials, its main component is a polyethylene non-biodegradable materials.

  Although such materials have excellent physical, chemical and mechanical properties, polymer materials have low surface hardness, poor load carrying capacity and easy abrasion. Such artificial turf will soon be subject to frequent use and high wear. damage. Therefore, people try to use various fillers to enhance the polymer wear resistance, and to study the mechanism of enhancing the interaction of the material with the matrix material.

  Facts have proved that the artificial turf polymer composite filled with materials, can indeed significantly improve the wear characteristics of the matrix to improve its service life. Therefore, the lawn in terms of artificial movement, the study of its wear resistance is actually study the wear resistance of polymer composites.

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