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Causes of chromatic aberration in the production of artificial turf

  There are many links affecting the quality of artificial turf, and there are many problems. Among them, the color difference is a common artificial turf quality problem, and the chromatic aberration also has multiple expressions. The reason for the chromatic aberration is mainly because the raw materials of the grass are not up to standard or the process of the production line equipment is not up to standard, or the technology is not up to standard in the production process.

  1. The material does not completely produce chromatic aberration.

  When the new material is replaced, the residual material in the screw is not cleaned up, and the two phases are mixed, so that the composition of the part is deviated from the set configuration, and the color of the straw drawn by the mixed part and the new material is different.

  2. Straight silk multiple color difference.

  It refers to the chromatic aberration between the several strands of straight silk, which is generally caused by the problem that the setting of the spinneret mouth, tension, traction roller and other links may be caused during the drawing process of the straw.

  3. The tip of the grass is bent to produce visual color difference.

  Grass silk bending is generally caused by inconsistent shrinkage rates of straight grass. The shrinkage of the grass can be achieved by adjusting the drafting oven temperature, setting the oven temperature, and annealing ratio.

  4. The unevenness of the curved yarn produces chromatic aberration.

  The uneven curvature of the grass will cause the surface of the artificial turf to be uneven and uneven, resulting in visual chromatic aberration. The curvature of the curved grass must be uniform, which requires reasonable drawing process and formula, and the temperature and pressure of the wire machine are stable.

  5. The color difference caused by the wrong direction and the wrong degree.

  The twist of the grass is twisted into a roundabout, the number of twists per unit length is called the twist, and the twist is the oblique direction of the straw fiber after the grass is twisted. The twist of the artificial grass has a great influence on the appearance of the artificial turf.

  6. The carpet is pleated and the rug on the carpet surface produces a color difference.

  The occurrence of pleats is generally due to the fact that the humidity of the base fabric is not up to standard when the glue is dried, and the pleats of the carpet cause wrinkles on the surface of the carpet, and improperly squeezing the grass will cause wrinkles on the carpet surface.

  7. Artificial turf products produced from different batches of raw materials may have chromatic aberration when paved on the same site. Different batches of raw materials are often not exactly the same, and there are generally different degrees of difference, which will cause the difference in the color of the grass.

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