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Commercial decoration artificial turf

  The introduction of artificial turf into commercial decoration elements has its own unique advantages. The commercial decoration lawn looks like a real grass, which can bring a sensory experience in the general pleasure of nature. The greening and beautifying effect is excellent, and the material is safe and environmentally friendly. Especially unlike most decoration methods, the commercial decoration lawn does not need to damage the building foundation. At the level, the paving can be done with a simple bond.

  The artificial turf is mainly green, and the green color represents freshness, tranquility, nature, and vitality. It can soothe the fatigue of the eyes and make people feel comfortable. It is a color that people love very much in life. The series products include garden green, olive green, dark green, fruit green and many other multi-level green lawns. It can also produce more than ten kinds of commercial decoration lawns in red, blue and yellow to meet various creative design matches.

  A large part of commercial decoration is in a relatively closed indoor environment, with almost zero contact with people, so there are very high requirements for safety and environmental performance. Commercial decoration lawn technology leading, reliable source of raw materials, advanced equipment, especially in the most prone to the problem of the adhesive, all imported BASF environmentally friendly adhesive, to the maximum extent to ensure the safety of the lawn products.

  As a decoration-oriented commercial decoration lawn, in addition to the appearance of beautiful, colorful and safe and harmless features, at the same time the grass silk soft touch, good wear resistance, long service life, in terms of practicality is not inferior . In particular, the artificial turf is laid as a carpet, and the pedaling is comfortable, which can effectively prevent the naughty children and the slow-moving elderly from falling and falling.

  In the public shopping malls such as shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, stores, and various exhibition halls, the commercial decoration lawn is used for decoration. Whether it is large-scale paving or small-scale embellishment, fresh greenery can be refreshing and excellent. Eye-catching effect. Artificial turf can also be tailored and spliced ​​as desired, and creatively developed a variety of uses, which is also the charm of commercial decoration lawn.

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