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Details of how the roof artificial turf is constructed

  Professional artificial turf manufacturers have answered the construction precautions

  First, the foundation of the roof construction

  The construction of the roof artificial turf must be carried out on the basis of the dry and tidy roof, and the waterproofing of the roof must be done before laying. Also, if you want to lay a roof artificial turf on the floor, you must also ensure the integrity of the floor, there must be no cracks, the only way to ensure the final completion.

  Second, pay attention to drainage

  For the laying of artificial turf on the roof, the most problem is drainage. If it encounters rain and snow, drainage is an important part of protecting the roof lawn. Not only must the drainage system be set up, but also the water receiving device should be made where feasible, so that the roof can be kept free of water and water.

  Third, the transportation of materials

  Usually in the construction of the roof, artificial turf manufacturers will find transportation equipment in advance, such as cranes, etc., higher places may have elevators, etc. to assist.

  Artificial turf drainage system design

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