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Dog-Friendly Artificial Grass

  If you have a family dog and a backyard, and also you want to make it fun for your pet, artificial grass is your best choice. Including installation, hygiene and maintenance, Golden Moon artificial grass can make all easy for you.


  No more mud in your house. With artificial grass, when it rains, there will be no more muddy paws running into the house.

  No withered and no worn. With regular grass, there must be withered. With artificial grass, there will be green and worn.

  Hygiene is much better with artificial grass. The urine will run off the artificial grass by washing to ensure cleanliness. Feces need to be picked up, and can easily be washed with a hose if there is any residue.

  Pet fancy. Dogs are used to the artificial grass quickly and like to play and sleep on the surface. They like artificial grass more than gravel, sand and other abrasive materials. What’s more, many dogs have allergies to grass or trees. These can be eliminated with artificial grass. Also, there will be fewer bugs since they have no grass or bushes to live in.


  With artificial grass there will no mowing and no regular watering. The only water used is to clean the grass occasionally. The grass is attached to a backing and placed a drainage area so that water can run off.

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