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6 hours ago
Drainage planning of artificial grass

  Some artificial grasses are planned to equip with drainage system, infiltrative lawn cushion; and with draining pipe in the root, these artificial grasses are much complicated in structure and higher in price. Others, however, are without drainage system, so it relies on the natural slope to drain. Thus, it has a higher requirement in appearance creation.

  Before creating the artificial grass, in order to ensure it is excellent in quality and effective in cost, the above said four factors are prior elements. Besides, some other elements also should be taken into consideration, such as low-level processing, selection of glue and the like. In a word, in the practical construction creation, each of these mentioned factors should be linked with the investors’ economic contribution, practical utilization characters of the artificial grass and other elements, to combine the scientific theories with technologies, so as to realize the economic, appropriate and useful principle to the full extent.

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