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Garden tool industry development trend

  Garden tools refer to the machinery and equipment involved in gardening, greening and subsequent maintenance. Including lawn planting and maintenance machinery, green land planting and maintenance machinery, urban shrub planting and maintenance machinery, flower cultivation facilities and equipment, garden engineering and professional sports venues and other equipment.

  North American market

  The North American market for garden tools is mainly concentrated in the US market. The United States is the world's largest consumer of gardening tools, and its consumption is mainly from home gardening and public greening. The United States has a relatively developed economy, a high private garden ownership rate, and frequent home garden maintenance and operations, such as trimming branches and tidying lawns. The demand for garden tools is strong, which has led to the development of the garden tools market in the region.

  European market

  The European horticulture industry is an active and growing market, largely due to the development of European art. In recent years, horticultural TV programs and major horticultural exhibitions, such as the Chelsea Flower Show, have all contributed to the development of horticulture.

  Asia market

  The Asia Pacific region will be the fastest growing region in the world. The Chinese market still maintains the largest market share in the region as China's household disposable income increases, housing numbers increase and demand for improved living conditions grows. Between 2014 and 2019, China, India and Hong Kong are expected to have higher compound growth rates. Among them, the annual growth rate of China's home and garden market is expected to reach 13%. Japan will continue to maintain its position as the second largest market in the region, but expects its compound annual growth rate to remain at a low level of 1.6%.

  The downstream industries of garden tools are mainly public gardens, logging and home maintenance, mainly including brand owners, large supermarkets, traders, and specialty stores. With the improvement of people's living standards and the strengthening of green environmental protection awareness, the demand for public garden construction and family maintenance is becoming more and more vigorous, which makes the garden tool industry have better development prospects.

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