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Glue used in Golden Moon artificial turf

First, special glue for artificial turf; why emphasize the need to buy special artificial turf glue? Nowadays, many glues on the market can be used to paste the lawn, and the price is relatively cheaper, so the construction party chooses the market in order to save costs. On the ordinary glue instead of the special artificial turf glue, this also leaves a great hidden danger to the later maintenance. If you just paste it, you can't see any problems at all, but after a long time, it will slowly appear degumming after a long time. The problem is that the corners are tilted up; if it is serious, it will affect the service life of the artificial turf, and it will be more troublesome to repair.

Second, waterproof performance is good; waterproof is also an important part of Golden Moon artificial turf paving. Usually our venues are used outdoors, especially in the south, and there are more rainy days in summer. If you use non-waterproof glue, it will rain once. Degumming will occur, which will affect the use and life of the site, so it is necessary to have good waterproof performance when purchasing artificial turf glue.

Third, the paste performance is good; the service life of the artificial turf is about 6-8 years. If the adhesive performance of the artificial turf glue is not good enough, if the glue is degummed therein, the service life of the artificial turf is greatly reduced. This is why you should buy a good quality artificial turf glue.

Fourth, the normal temperature performance is good; the climate in each region is different, the temperature difference is relatively large, the summer temperature in the south is relatively high, the temperature in the north is relatively low in winter, and the commonly used glue is used in both high temperature and low temperature. It is better, some artificial turf glue on the market will be easy to stick at high temperatures, and it will easily solidify at low temperatures. This will result in glue when pasted.

In summary, the artificial turf construction turf special glue, its use effect is better than other ordinary glue in the market, is also to protect the artificial turf in the future life. Eliminate the worries of post-maintenance.

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