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Golden Moon Kindergarten Artificial Lawn

  Product Features

  It simulates the characteristics of real grass, with high color fastness and bright color. The paving is simple and the maintenance cost is low. The grass is fine and soft, and it has good drainage performance and low slip resistance.


  It can be used all day long regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, sun and rain. Fully simulated natural lawn, comparable to natural lawn, with good ventilation and drainage performance, anti-aging, long use time.

  Golden Moon Kindergarten artificial turf adopts imported raw materials, and the industry is of high quality and environmentally friendly adhesive. The artificial artificial turf material of the kindergarten is environmentally friendly and the artificial grass surface layer can be recycled and reused. The kindergarten artificial lawn adopts straight silk grass, and the type of artificial grass can be selected according to customer needs. The grass shape is like grass and greening effect is better. There are also rainbow grass and rainbow runway to enrich the baby's kindergarten color. The Golden Moon Kindergarten lawn is densely woven with high-density straight grass to protect the baby from falling damage.

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