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Hotel artificial lawn

Artificial turf hotel carpets are very popular. What are the reasons? In recent years, more and more hotels have used artificial turf instead of carpet greening. The reason is that artificial turf is more suitable for hotel greening. Let the Golden Moon introduce you to the hotel artificial turf in detail!

Hotel guests are mostly traveling and meeting, and comfort should be the first consideration. The artificial turf has no requirements for shoes and feels comfortable, and the stability is particularly good, which can make every living customer relax wholeheartedly! The hotel artificial turf has a long service life. Artificial turf requires no maintenance. For the hotel's service staff, the number of customers received every day, the cleaning of the rooms, the cleaning of the bedding, the need for most of the energy to take care of, the artificial lawn saves the trouble of cleaning, saving you a lot of time costs, He Le Not for it?

It is worth mentioning that artificial turf is more suitable for hotels than golf courses. The reasons for this can be explained from three perspectives, one is the user group, the second is the shoes, and the third is the professional level. You should know that the hotel and the golf course face different user groups. The hotel guests are mostly visiting and meeting. The hotel should choose artificial turf as the ground. Because the true grass of the golf course is more delicate, the usual shoes or sports shoes are not suitable, so some golf courses have mandatory regulations, and guests must wear nailed golf shoes to allow the end. Even if there is a golf course in the hotel, it is also used as an entertainment facility, so you can use artificial turf.

Mainly because the artificial turf has no requirements for the shoes, and its stability is better, and the service life is longer, so that every hobby guest can feel the charm of the golf ball at any time, greatly improving the satisfaction of the hotel. degree. Another point is that the professional level is different. Artificial turf is suitable for both professional and non-professionals. True grass is not suitable for non-professionals. It is easy to leave a deep scratch on the field. It is very difficult to repair.

From all the above perspectives, it is proved that artificial turf is more suitable than real grass for both guests and hotels, and artificial turf is more practical and popular. Welcome to continue to pay attention to the Golden Moon lawn.

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