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How tall artificial turf is best for kindergarten

  Although artificial turf does not have a large relationship between density, quality and height, it can determine its grade and price. The higher the quality of artificial turf, the higher its price will naturally be. The more materials you need to use, the better it will be in terms of comfort and aesthetics, which means that the shorter the grass, the lower the aesthetics and comfort.

  Grass grass above 3cm will be softer, but if the younger child runs on it, there will be wrestling or running. Therefore, artificial grasses of 2-3 cm height are most suitable for laying in kindergartens.

  Regarding the detection of the tensile strength of artificial turf in kindergartens, there is a uniform standard in the world. It refers to the percentage of the tensile strength reduction of artificial turf products after simulating a certain period of motion. That is to say, the correct understanding is that the lower the tensile strength after testing, the lower the fiber strength of the turf is, the better the standard value of the tensile strength is.

  Therefore, it is a one-sided approach to pursue high tensile strength and neglect the comfort and safety brought to the user. Moreover, the abrasion resistance of artificial grass fibers depends on many parameters, and not only tensile strength.

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