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How to buy inexpensive artificial grass

The rapid rise of artificial turf, more and more manufacturers, the price is becoming more and more opaque, quality problems will follow, the quality and low price that need to be purchased need to pay attention to the following points.

manufacturer. Many manufacturers have done a good job. The quality is no problem. It is the benchmark of the industry. The price is more popular and guarantees all aspects.

Product. This includes product shelf life, environmental quality issues, anti-friction, anti-aging and so on. The first is the shelf life, making a decision on the price, because even the same low price, of course, the shelf life is very short, of course, the cost of the last use is higher, especially now there are many bad companies hiding the shelf life, the cost is higher. Anti-aging and frictional resistance are two important factors that affect the shelf life. The stronger the anti-aging, the stronger the anti-friction, the longer the shelf life, including the relevant proof of health.

Qualification. There are many manufacturers, such as the Golden Moon, and the lawns produced have many national quality testing centers. For artificial turf, environmental certification and quality certification are essential and relevant qualifications can be obtained. At least the company has strength, the product is guaranteed, and the same price is naturally a guaranteed product.

Product category, including the type of use and specifications of the product itself. Under the premise of ensuring product quality, the price of different uses will be different. For example, the price of sports will be lower than the price of leisure. The price of golf, although the grass is short, but the price is not low, some special requirements are higher. In terms of specifications, the density is high, the grass is high, and the price of direct addition is also high.

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