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How to deal with the common problems of artificial grass turf

  Artificial turf grass will inevitably encounter some problems in the process of construction and use. To solve the problem, we must first find out the cause of the problem. And then help to take care of the garden artificial turf Weihua, and be able to take corresponding solutions to the problems encountered in the use process. Learn how Golden Moon artificial grass turf manufacturers deal with several problems that are prone to artificial turf.

  1. Chromatic aberration problem

  Because many artificial grass turf are not filled at present, especially the uneven length of the bent wires, it will only form the chromatic aberration of the grass, and the use of materials will also cause the chromatic aberration.

  2. The problem of recession

  The color difference of the grass after sun exposure is obvious because there is no good anti-ultraviolet stability guarantee during the production process. Color fastness is an important indicator for detecting the quality of grass.

  3. The problem of falling grass

  Because there is not enough light at the bottom. After a period of corrosion, aging and small displacement wear, the degree of use of the bottom lining is a key factor in the quality of artificial turf.

  4. Antistatic problem

  Have you noticed the lightning that occurs when undressing at night? That is static electricity. Artificial turf will also produce such conditions and static electricity.

  5. Fluffing problem

  Artificial turf fuzzing, pilling and crushing may have the following reasons: 1. Due to the high frequency of school use, poor-quality grass fibers will split into 50-60 filaments within 1-2 years, and good-quality grass fibers will split into 50-60 filaments within 4-5 years; 2.PP fiber It is hard and brittle, easy to fluff and pilling.

  In summary, the above are the five common problems of artificial turf. These are some common problems of artificial turf. These problems are difficult to appear on high-quality artificial turf, so please rest assured to use Golden Moon artificial turf garden grass. Therefore, when buying artificial turf, we must find a professional manufacturer to buy high-quality artificial turf.

  This article is edited and published by Golden Moon Artificial Grass Turf, please feel free to contact us for more inquiries and orders.

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