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How to fill the artificial turf with quartz sand and rubber particles

  There are always some small stones or colored rubber grains on the artificial turf. Golden Moon grass points out that it is quartz sand and colored rubber grains. Their existence is to increase the friction of the entire lawn, and It can act as a buffer and protection in the event of a collision or fall. This is actually essential for the construction of the entire sports venue.

  So how do you fill in the artificial turf? Generally speaking, quartz sand is laid on the bottom layer, and then colored (black and green) rubber particles are laid. This is a sequential order of overall laying. Another point is the method of laying. One is manual laying, but it will take more time and energy. It is also very likely that the laying effect is not very good and not fine enough. The other way is to use machine laying. , The laying of large machines can spread quickly. At the same time, the efficiency is high, and the effect achieved is also very good. But these emphasize a certain method and efficiency, rather than blindly laying, or going straight ahead according to people's imagination, this is not correct.

  First of all, for the laying of artificial turf quartz sand, you should use the machine first, and this is also a good choice. Both the uniformity and the neatness are suitable. During the laying process, it is generally slow to advance. The laying thickness is preferably 3/4 of the grass height, so that the gap between each grass can be See quartz sand.

  The second thing is to lay the interval. For example, after each direction is sprayed according to a certain range, the interval is nearly one meter before the spraying. After the first pass is completed, change the direction and continue to sprinkle. If the grass is missing or it is tilted outwards, it should be corrected and repaired in time. At the same time, for the places that cannot be spread, a special grass rake can be used to disperse the small quartz sand, which has an effect on the entire laying. It is very good.

  The next step is to sprinkle colored rubber particles on the artificial turf. This kind of rubber particles are very small, black and green are used more frequently, and the spreading technology is the same as that of quartz sand, but the thickness of the sprinkling should be uniform. And it is better to keep the lawn per square meter around 25-28KG, but this thickness is just right and does not affect the final overall effect. If it is too much or too little, it will affect the overall effect.

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