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How to scrub artificial turf regularly?

  When we maintain the artificial turf, when we find that the weather is relatively dry, it is actually to a certain extent, the number of scrubbing is appropriate to increase, and it is precisely because of this, we will actually notice it. In fact, it can be guaranteed that inside the entire venue, for the sake of its air, it is actually necessary to have sufficient humidity.

  As far as the floor of the lawn is concerned, we actually need to pay attention to it. In fact, it should be to ensure that it is actually equipped with ventilation holes. In addition, it means that it is well ventilated on the expansion joints, but for In terms of the location where the sports equipment is installed, in fact, it should be noted that it should be cleaned.

  In the next words, for the cleaning of the lawn and its maintenance, we will actually find that it is actually a phenomenon of blockage to a certain extent. In this respect, for the cleaning of the lawn, In fact, we can use the vacuum cleaner to clean it directly. When the smoke is more serious, the artificial lawn will have local mildew.

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