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Material structure of artificial turf

  Artificial turf has been used in more and more leisure sports places in China because of its advantages of convenient laying, low protection cost and no constraints on site conditions.

  Artificial turf introduces the material structure of artificial turf:

  Artificial grass consists of 3 layers of material. The root layer consists of a compact soil layer, a gravel layer and an asphalt or concrete layer. The root layer requires solid, non-deformable, smooth and impervious surface, which is a general concrete place. If the concrete layer is laid, the concrete should be cut into a large expansion joint to prevent thermal expansion deformation and cracks.

  Above the root layer is a layer of buffer, usually composed of rubber or foam. The rubber has a moderate elasticity and a thickness of 3 to 5 mm. The cost of using foam is lower, but the elasticity is poor, the thickness is 5~10mm, the thick lawn is too soft, and it is easy to collapse; too thin and lack of elasticity, can not play a buffering effect. The buffer layer should be firmly adhered to the root layer, and it is usually pasted with white latex or universal glue.

  The third layer is the surface layer, which is the turf layer. It is necessary to use latex to adhere to rubber or foam. It is necessary to apply glue completely during construction, and then press firmly to prevent wrinkles.

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