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The emergence of the racks allows our homes to bid farewell to the messy environment and to properly accommodate the daily necessities. The rack can be assembled at will, infinitely extended, DIY design, powerful, and won the praise of consumers. So what are the components of the rack?


Material: Carbon steel is one of the important components of the support rack. The main indicator for evaluating the quality of the column is the thickness of the pipe wall. Usually, the thickness of the wall of the column is 1.0-1.2mm. If the thickness of the pipe wall is less than 1.0mm, the assembled rack will bring safety hazards.


Material: carbon steel

It is one of the important parts for forming the rack. The mesh of different sizes forms different kinds of racks. The main indicators for evaluating the quality of the net are the density of the steel wire and the diameter of the steel wire. The density of the steel wire is too thin and the steel wire. Too thin a diameter will affect the life of the rack.

Pipe clip

material: plastic

One of the important parts that connect the column and the mesh. Unqualified pipe clamps can loosen or slip the mesh, giving the shelf a safety hazard.


It is an adjustable device that is mounted under the column and in contact with the ground. This is a user-friendly design that allows the customer to increase the stability of the rack by adjusting the height of the foot according to the level of the floor in the environment.

Connecting nut

An indispensable connecting part that increases the height of the rack.

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