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Sports field leisure artificial turf maintenance

  Artificial turf is used in many venues such as sports fields, gardens, kindergartens, courtyards, roofs, indoors, and enclosures. Proper maintenance of artificial turf is also necessary, not only to keep clean, but also to extend the life of artificial turf, then how to maintain artificial turf?

  The artificial turf in the sports field usually leaves a lot of garbage produced by people after the game. The dust can be used to clean the garbage on the ground by using a vacuum cleaner or a machine for cleaning artificial grass. If people maintain artificial turf in the hot summer, they can sprinkle artificial grass to cool it, and people will feel refreshed on artificial turf.

  If you encounter rainy weather, you must not step on it immediately. If there is snow, you need to sweep the snow and use it. Artificial grass should be washed with water after a period of application, so that it can maintain the original color, so that the quartz sand has reasonable settlement and smooth protection of the artificial lawn. The cleaning time of artificial turf is generally between 3 and 6 months.

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