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Talk about artificial turf life

  Artificial turf can be used in many places. Nowadays, fake turf is used in most places. This is because natural turf needs to invest a lot of manpower and material resources in the early stage, and artificial turf can eliminate these problems. The artificial turf needs to be laid flat when laying it. The laying process is not complicated, so it can reduce a lot of labor, and the artificial turf has a long service life.

  The artificial turf is a kind of floor covering material suitable for indoor and outdoor occasions, which has both ground decoration and practical laying. It can be produced from plastic raw materials, non-toxic and tasteless, and can be recycled. The high quality artificial turf has anti-aging, anti-fading and anti-friction properties. Usually, after the artificial turf is laid, it needs to be used for 6-8 months to achieve a good condition. Some types of lawns are particularly suitable for laying outdoors, and their warranty period is usually longer. In long-term dry weather, as long as you sprinkle a little water on the sports lawn, you can reduce the risk of athletes being scratched.

  So, what is the performance of artificial turf aging? The artificial turf aging is generally manifested in the fact that the grass is easy to fall off, the bottom of the adhesive is not solid and debris, the straightness of the grass is poor and the color is not bright, safe, environmentally friendly and durable.

  The artificial turf carpet can not only be non-slip, dust-removing, easy to clean, but also looks like real grass, and has the feeling of greening. Now it has become a common furniture decoration and has been loved by ordinary people. Therefore, the market prospect of artificial turf is widely optimistic. It is also the reason why artificial turf manufacturers are constantly emerging and the industry is developing rapidly.

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