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The improvement of artificial turf technology is a new step into internationalization

  Because of the use of chemical fiber materials, artificial turf has the advantages of durability, simple maintenance and good surface uniformity. It has been favored by the market since its introduction in the mid-1960s, especially for surface flatness and uniformity. Higher competitions. However, it also has obvious disadvantages such as high hardness and poor cushioning performance. Therefore, regarding the choice of artificial turf and natural turf, there has been a debate between managers, builders and related scholars of sports venues.

  Artificial grass is more suitable for sports because of its products. This feature determines that the requirements for lawn silk are different from other textiles. Generally, the grass is required to have good sports performance, safety performance and durability. Since the performance of artificial grass is also greatly affected by the filler, the performance of the lawn is not only determined by the grass. Good lawn silk should have suitable modulus, soft hand feeling, excellent resilience, good wear resistance and aging resistance, and safe contact with human body.

  With the continuous improvement and improvement of artificial turf production technology in China, it has completely replaced the imported production port. Moreover, there are many manufacturers that account for 30% of the total production. This situation fully shows that China's artificial turf has made great progress in just a few years. In addition, China's domestic market is huge, artificial grass has been widely used in major universities across the country to replace natural grass. The domestic production cost has obvious advantages. It is believed that in the near future, China's artificial turf will gain a certain position in the international market. Artificial turf does not need to be sprayed with pesticides, and the maintenance water is much less than natural grass in the later stage. However, the heavy metals such as chromium, lead and cadmium in various inorganic auxiliaries and pigments contained in artificial grass fiber have not been completely avoided.

  In the future, the harm caused by heavy metals and various auxiliaries will be completely eliminated. When selecting turf preparation materials, the recyclability will be fully considered, and all materials can be reused. The artificial turf is not only close to the natural grass in color and shape, but also has the aroma of natural grass. More importantly, it should be quiet and comfortable. It will not cause damage to the activists. The artificial turf has not yet reached the soft and quiet touch and comfort of the natural grass. Activity experience. While improving the performance of the artificial turf, it is comfortable and quiet, and it is useful to prevent sprains or skin scratches that may occur when the shovel is moved, and it is easy for the player to quickly adapt.

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