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The influence of the difference between the natural lawn and artificial turf elasticity on football

  Through comparative analysis, it was found that the natural turf formed by natural grass plants has less elasticity than the artificial turf constructed of plastic fibers. Football on the natural lawn, because the plant fiber has a small elasticity, therefore, the height of the high-altitude ball and some bounce balls are lower after landing, which is conducive to the football players better catch and stop the ball. And control the ball. On the contrary, football on artificial turf, because of the large elasticity of plastic fiber, then the high-altitude ball and some balls rebound after landing, the force is greater, which increases the football player catches the ball, stops the ball And the difficulty of controlling the ball. Therefore, football players should be able to adjust their own position of the ball according to the material of the venue. It is necessary to accurately determine the rebound height and rebound route of the ball, reduce mistakes, and exert its own skills and tactics.

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