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The role of artificial turf in roof greening

  Roof greening is an important part of today's architectural design. Its concept can be understood as the greening of all kinds of buildings, structures and other spaces that are not directly connected to the ground. This includes not only the greening of the roof, but also the terrace. Greening on buildings such as rooftops, balconies, walls, underground garages, overpasses, etc. Roof greening is extremely important for beautifying the living environment of the city, improving people's quality of life and improving people's living conditions. Today, Qingdao Boxiangyuan simply gives you a few easy-to-see benefits:

  1. The roof greening of artificial turf can reduce the temperature of the top layer, thereby reducing the power consumption, thus making it more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

  2. Roof greening of artificial turf can regulate rainwater flow.

  3. The roof greening of artificial turf can provide a certain degree of sound insulation.

  4. The roof greening of artificial turf can beautify the environment and provide a resting place to make people feel more comfortable.

  5. The roof greening of artificial turf can improve the heat island effect: it absorbs heat energy, helps to dissipate heat, and makes indoor people more comfortable.

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