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The role of flame retardants in artificial turf

  The flame retardancy of the artificial turf is actually to add a flame retardant to the grass to achieve the flame retardant effect, and to achieve the self-extinguishing effect after the fire. According to the standard, the amount of flame retardant added per grass is generally about 15%. Nowadays, many unscrupulous traders in the market do not add or add a small amount of flame retardant in order to save costs. Therefore, the artificial turf does not have a flame retardant effect, and there is a great safety hazard in the subsequent use. In the event of a fire source, the entire site will be burned and irreparable damage will be caused to the site.

  Adding flame retardant to artificial turf is a very important indicator. Now artificial turf is not only used in football fields, but also in public places, hotel halls, roof decoration, fence decoration and other places. Although these places expressly prohibit fireworks, there are still some people whose quality is relatively poor. The situation of littering cigarettes still exists in various places, especially indoor artificial turf fields. Flame retardancy is the most important thing. Less.

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