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What are the characteristics of high-end artificial flowers?

  In the simulation flower selection, we will find that even in the same shop, its two patterns do not seem to make much difference, but there will be a certain difference in price. It is possible that the price difference between each other can be as high as 10 times. Why is this happening?

  In fact, if we look at it carefully, we will find that it will still have a different distinction. In fact, its main difference, one is the ordinary artificial flower, and the other, it is a high-end artificial flower. The biggest difference between it and its use is that it uses materials that are better. We may have a glimpse of it, and it feels no different. But if we carefully compare it, we will find that the high-end simulation flower has a better simulation effect and looks more like real flowers. If we don't watch it carefully, we can't see that it was made from simulated materials.

  The ordinary simulation flower, if we carefully study it, we will find that its simulation effect will be worse. Whether it is the vividness of the color or the beauty of its production, there will be some differences. Therefore, the biggest feature of high-end artificial flowers is that its anti-real effect is better, and the materials used will be better.

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