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What are the classifications of common garden saws?

Landscaping management tools include garden tools used in landscaping management, garden machinery and fertilizers, pesticides, transportation machines, etc. Their garden tools refer to non-mechanical garden tools. See garden tools including cutting tools, spray tools, and excavation tools. Classes and their auxiliary tools, etc.

1. Cutting tools mainly include branch shears, ordinary leaf shears, grass shears, force shears, high branch shears, high branch saws, saws, knives, axes, etc.

2. Spray garden tools include water pipe, manual high pressure spray pot, hand spray spray pot, hand sprayer, transfer fixed point water supply, garden sprinkler and drip irrigation equipment, shower, etc.

3. Excavation tools include shovel, shovel, force, shovel, etc.

4. The tool pushes the fertilizer machine, picks up the weeds with a shovel or screwdriver, the sand for the lawn, the bucket, the flower arrangement, the water scoop, the scooter, the bucket, etc.

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