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What are the flower arrangement methods for household artificial flowers

  Many families nowadays like to buy artificial flowers for home, because the durability is always popular among most families. So what are the insertions of artificial flowers in the home? What is the difference between the insertion of artificial flowers and the real flowers?

  1. Straight insertion method: a method of fixing artificial flowers with pliers according to different flower arrangement requirements, and then inserting the flower branches directly into the vase. This method needs to pay attention to the fact that the too thin artificial flower flower rod is folded into a double-stranded flower rod. After the folding point is clamped with pliers, the upper part is slightly pulled into a V shape and then inserted into the flower mud, so that Will turn.

  2. Plastic rod fixing method: On the basis of the direct fixing method, a small amount of silicone or white glue can be injected according to the current flower arrangement to reinforce the flower rod fastness. When the inserted flower rod feels not firm, such as turning Shake, slide up and down to gently pull out the flower bar, inject silicone into the jack or pry some Panda brand white glue on the flower bar, then press the original jack to insert the flower mud. After cooling and drying, shape again.

  3. Saddle buckle fixing method: First of all, we need to make a saddle buckle. We can take the material from the ground and use the hand-rolled flower rod that was discarded when the flower was inserted. The main material of the hand-rolled flowering branch is aluminum wire, which has no elasticity. Therefore, it is suitable for the saddle shape with moderate hardness, and the thickness is just right and has no elasticity. It is a good material for making saddle buckles. The length is generally about 12 cm, and then folded into a saddle shape. Place the flower branches on the flower mud, use a few saddle buckles to clamp the flower branches in the inserted flower mud, and insert them tightly, insert them firmly, and then inject them into the silicone glue to cool them.

  The main methods of household artificial flower arranging are the above three methods. I hope to provide some inspiration for you to arrange flowers in the future. I would like to talk about the flower arrangement methods for household artificial flowers. I hope to help you.

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