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What kind of balcony artificial grass is suitable for?

The roof terrace can be used for landscape or casual artificial turf, casual artificial turf: casual artificial turf is an artificial turf product that focuses on decoration. Its color is bright and the color is rich, which can play a visually pleasing role. It is mainly used for outdoor floors, roofs and even slope protection, wall surfaces and other wall surfaces for practical laying and decorative laying. Among them, the artificial turf for greening has high simulation degree and durability and has been widely used in greening places instead of real grass. Recreational grass application areas: roof gardens, swimming pools, kindergartens, courtyards, playgrounds, parks, streets, highways.

Generally, the landscape type artificial turf is used on the balcony. The height of the landscape artificial turf is generally 10mm-35mm. The specific requirements are to be selected according to individual requirements. Usually, 30mm is used more, so it is necessary to combine the daily actual conditions to choose.

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