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What to pay attention to when laying casual artificial grass

  The lawn that needs to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner should be thoroughly cleaned every day, or wiped with a grounding cloth. If the weather is dry, you can scrub the appropriate amount and the room has sufficient humidity in the indoor air.

  The simulated lawn floor must ensure that the vents and enlarged ventilation and the installation position of the sports equipment are clean and can be any jam, it is good to use a vacuum cleaner to clean, if the dust is more serious, the mold will cause the local lawn.

  1. The grass is not bright enough, the friction is very strong and there is stagnation.

  2. Simulated artificial turf has been stripped or broken. In many cases, the strength and wear resistance of the lining are insufficient. After a period of corrosion, aging and small displacement wear, the durability of the lining is a key issue in the quality of artificial turf.

  3. the problem of site stripping may also be caused by uneven bottom scraping, immature scraping process or low abrasion resistance of grass. Especially for adolescent athletes, the phenomenon of hair loss often affects health.

  4. Apparent fading after light irradiation, and the stability and color fastness of uneven fading under ultraviolet light are important indicators for evaluating artificial turf.

  5. the color of the lawn is uneven, there is a color difference, the processing of the grass of different color numbers into a lawn will produce a color difference. It is guaranteed that each batch of straw is uniform and thin, and the Yanze is uniform. It is a work with relatively high technical content. The raw materials of the silk thread produced by the drawing equipment that cannot meet the requirements of application technology often have chromatic aberration problems.

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