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Why artificial grass can replace natural grass

Artificial grass maintenance is simple, maintenance cost is low, clean water can remove dirt, and has the characteristics of non-fading, non-deformation. Can be installed in all kinds of foundation surface, the foundation quality requirements are not high, not afraid of cracking, no foam delamination worry, both simple and economical. Like true grass has the feeling of greening; variety is complete, grass length can be selected according to the actual use. Artificial grass sports site overall layout beautiful, high utilization rate, the lifespan of more than 5 years, and durable and easy to maintain, can be used all day long.

Artificial grass material environmental protection finished construction, fixed and shorter duration, easy to grasp the quality, simple acceptance, not much professional knowledge. The artificial pasture has a high utilization rate, such as shock absorption, no noise, safety, non-toxicity, elasticity, good flame retardancy and so on. It is very suitable for school use. It is the best venue for activities, training, and competition at present. Artificial lawn takes the concept of safety protection, so can avoid sports injury. It provides sufficient buffering power to reduce the damage that can be caused by the general hard-to-foot, leaving you completely free of the concerns that arise from the field. The whole house material all accord with the environmental protection request, the artificial lawn surface layer can be recycled and reused. The foundation laying uses the original excavation to discard the sand, conforms to the garbage reduction and the use of natural objects principle.

The foundation is not bonded to the surface. When the service life of the surface layer expires, only need to replace the surface layer, the reinvestment cost is low. After planning the playground into a plane, there are no irregularities, and this new structure has the function of reducing vibration and decompression, reducing the noise in the playground and reducing the interference to the class. Use clean high proportion quartz sand between the lawn, so that students have a chance to get close to the soil without getting the environment and body dirty, so that some cleaning troubles are avoided. The marking is made directly without the need for frequent lines, easy maintenance, and almost no subsequent maintenance costs.

It cannot grow in extreme weather conditions; some countries and regions cannot afford high maintenance costs for economic reasons, and some sports venues with roofs cannot be planted. In addition to these, artificial grass also has the characteristics of high frequency, easy pavement, simple maintenance, quick drainage, these advantages make artificial turf has a broad development space, a great trend to replace natural grass!

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