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  The advantages of golden moon artificial lawn carpet:

  1. Safe and non-slip. Walking on the artificial lawn carpet is not easy to slide, and because of the soft elasticity of the carpet, it will greatly reduce the possibility of injury caused by falls, especially for the elderly and children, which can play a role in safety protection.

  2. Sound absorption and noise reduction. The artificial lawn carpet can absorb the echo noise of the room, reduce the reflection and transmission of sound on the ground and walls, and create a quiet home environment.

  3. Shock absorption and comfortable. Step on the soft and elastic artificial lawn carpet, you will feel the relaxation and comfort of the whole body, reduce fatigue, and will not vibrate due to frequent impacts between the hard ground and the sole.

  4. Insulation and heat conduction. The artificial lawn carpet has the effect of balancing the indoor temperature. In winter, artificial lawn carpet can block the coolness of the ground and increase the warmth and comfort of the room; when the air conditioner is turned on in summer, the heat preservation and blocking function of artificial lawn carpet will make the indoor low temperature not easily lost through the ground.

  Golden Moon artificial lawn carpet can absorb dust in the air very well, and can also effectively prevent dust, make our living environment more beautiful, and can also add some fun to our life. It can also decorate the indoor environment well.

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