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Three materials of artificial turf

  The material of artificial turf is mainly divided into PU full plastic flat material, mixed flat plastic material and PU composite flat plastic material.

  PU full plastic flat material. The elastic thickness of the polyurethane (PU) pure rubber mortar without reclaimed rubber particles is 4~10mm, and the surface layer is sprayed, which has the characteristics of anti-slip, wear resistance and color change resistance. The material has good elasticity and long service life. Easy to maintain. Suitable for all kinds of competitions, training, teaching basketball, volleyball, tennis courts, gymnasiums, gyms and other sports venues.

  Mixed flat plastic material. The bottom layer uses PU glue to infiltrate a certain amount of reclaimed rubber particles, and the agitation casting is used as a cushion layer on the foundation. The surface layer glue is laid with pure PU colorant 2~3mm, and the surface is sprayed with a slip-resistant wear-resistant surface layer. The thickness is 8~15mm. Suitable for large-area handball stadiums, primary and secondary school football fields, baskets, nets, platoons, badminton venues.

  PU composite flat plastic material. The cushion layer is made of recycled rubber particles and polyurethane adhesive. The thickness can be made into 8~15mm thickness according to requirements. The surface layer is laid with pure PU glue 2~4mm, and the surface layer is sprayed with sprayer as a slip-proof and wear-resistant layer. It has the characteristics of good elasticity, comfortable movement and easy maintenance. It is especially suitable for teaching, training and leisure ground construction for use in baskets, tennis courts, gymnasiums and various foundations.

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