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Artificial Grass Turf Tiles with Interlocking System Fake Grass Carpet, 1x1 FT 6 Pack

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  • 【Natural and realistic】: The artificial grass tiles is mixed with grass silk of various tones, which looks very close to the real grass, but the synthetic grass will not wither, will give you a feeling of life throughout the year; and the grass is 1.57 inches tall, softer and thicker , more safer and friendly to children and pets.
  • 【High-quality materials】: Our fake grass rug uses high-quality wear-resistant materials, no need to cut grass and watering, durable and anti-ultraviolet, fire and high temperature resistance, high-quality bottom material has good resilience and non-slip, good buffering ability can also reduce noise; the bottom can drain independently, only need to rinse with water and then dry when cleaning.
  • 【Wide applications】: The grass lawn mainly used for indoor and outdoor decoration, such as roofs, gardens, balconies, terraces, floor decorations, doormats, pet mats, landscapes, swimming pool decks, etc.
  • 【Convenient installation】: Outdoor flooring mats has locks on all sides which can be installed quickly without any tools and is not easy to separate. You can refer to our installation instructions; and it can be dismantled stack storage when not in use, which is very convenient. (Tip: Please keep the grass in same direction for better appearence when installing.)
  • 【Multi-functional splicing】: The grass turf adopts the common lock design, which can be spliced with the wood-plastic floor of the same lock, to create your special venue according to the look you want, beautiful and individual.

Package Including: 1x1 ft, 6 pack artificial grass in the package (Total 6 sq ft).
Product specifications :
Color: Green ;
Material: High quality PP plastic
Size: Each turf grass is 1*1 feet
Usage: garden / balconies / terraces / doormats / pet mats / carpets / landscapes / swimming pool decks , etc
Advantages of astroturf :
1. Natural and realistic, soft and comfortable, thick and durable, it can be used all year round
2. Anti-ultraviolet, flame-retardant and high temperature resistance, no fading, water seepage and non-slip
3. Wide range of applications, it can be well decorated indoor and outdoor
4. It is more convenient and easy to install and disassemble with interlocking system
5. It can be spliced with the same lock wood plastic floor, more personality
6. Easy to take care of, it is easy to clean with self-draining system
Tips: 1. You can shake the outdoor carpet several times to remove the small debris on it after receiving the goods.
2. You can put the turf grass in the sun for 2 hours and use it Fiddle with the grass backwards with hands or tools if the grass is flattened,can bring a more real feeling.
3. When laying multiple pieces of artificial grass tiles, please keep the direction of the turf in the same direction to ensure the same color and look more real and beautiful.
4.You can step on it with your feet to ensure a better fit after the grass block is spliced.