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Garden Stakes Steel Plant Stakes Various Sizes Optional 25 Pack

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Garden stakes are plastic coated steel stakes, which inside are hollow but very sturdy and durable.
Perfect for securing trees, shrubs, vines and some natural climbing plants.
Use twine or sturdy stretch to secure branches to support.
These garden stakes are rustproof and with sharpened points on both sides for ease of placement.
Each package contains 25 sturdy steel stakes.
Optional size:
Length: 24 inch; Diameter: 5/16 inch
Length: 30 inch; Diameter: 5/16 inch
Length: 36 inch; Diameter: 6/16 inch
Length: 48 inch; Diameter: 7/16 inch
Length: 60 inch; Diameter: 7/16 inch
Length: 72 inch; Diameter: 5/8 inch

Material: Plastic coated steel core
Color: Green

Simple to put stakes into the ground
Both sides of stakes are sharpened points for ease of placement. The sharpened points allow the sturdy garden stakes can be quickly and easily inserted into the soil.

Plastic coated steel stakes
These garden stakes are made of hollow steel,durable and much longer life span. The surface of the garden stakes are wrapped with plastic coating to prevent wind and rust.

Non-Slip Design
The non-Slip surface helps most of the climbing vines. The green surface can also blend perfectly blend with the plants, making them difficult to see.