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A large number of domestic landscaping sites

The artificial turf greening is from the United States. The United States is now the most developed economy and technology, and China is the largest developing country in the world. Since the reform and opening up, economic construction has developed by leaps and bounds. In the 21st century, China's urban planning and landscape construction are progressing from breadth to depth. This change in events is affecting the survival and development of the construction industry. At the same time, it also brought a new revolution to the construction of landscape architecture. According to the international greening standards, each city should have at least 10 square meters of forest or 30-50 square meters of green space to achieve the balance of carbon dioxide, in order to benefit human survival. However, at present, the per capita public green space in China's cities is only 6.25 square meters, of which 134 cities are less than 3 square meters. Therefore, doing a good job of urban landscape and garden green space construction is one of the most important projects in China.

Now not only is the country aware of the lack of landscaping, but every city and even everyone is aware of it. Nowadays, many cities have begun to implement landscaping projects under the impetus of the state, increasing the green area of China in all corners of the city, and now many businesses are also using artificial turf to lay many sports and leisure in order not to damage the greening of the city. The place, I hope to use green to achieve my own business around the same time, but also let yourself enjoy the green cultivation, and more importantly, it can also protect the landscaping. Perhaps it is the appeal of the country. Perhaps it is the common sense of people. Maybe it is the development of artificial turf. Many sports venues, leisure and entertainment venues, kindergartens, schools, and some large-scale landscape decoration and leisure decoration needs to start using artificial turf. Laying and decorating. So what are we waiting for as a part of the country? Let's act quickly.

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