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Analysis of the importance of flame retardant properties of artificial turf

  Artificial turf has quietly entered many aspects of our lives, including sports venues, commercial spaces, everyday homes, and all aspects of urban greening. Increasing intimate contact with artificial turf will make us more aware of safety issues. Speaking of the flame retardant properties of artificial turf, it is also an important indicator to measure the authenticity of artificial turf.

  The flame-retardant body of artificial turf is also referred to as straw, and the realization of its flame-retardant property is to add a flame retardant to the production of grass. Generally speaking, in terms of the amount added, it is Will be controlled between 10% and 20%.

  The flame retardant will not adversely affect the other characteristics of the artificial turf and the quality of its products. Next, we should pay attention to the compatibility of the turf.

  It is evenly dispersed in the artificial grass of artificial turf; and the third flame retardant will be environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and will not release harmful substances.

  The flame retardant effect of the artificial turf is that the artificial grass is self-extinguishing after it has been burned by fire, so that it does not cause large-area combustion due to mutual ignition.

  At present, the artificial turf market is still in a relatively chaotic stage. The quality of artificial turf products is also uneven. The good products are sure to have flame retardant properties, but the products with poor quality are displayed. Not good.

  If artificial turf has good flame retardant properties, we should pay attention to artificial turf. In most cases, it will be used in public places, including golf courses, playgrounds, public green spaces, clubhouse halls, etc. It is forbidden to throw cigarette butts, but the actual implementation is not perfect. At this time, it is important to pay attention to its flame retardant properties.

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