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What if the artificial turf is curled up?

  There are two situations in which the artificial turf has a problem of curling. One is the curling during construction, and the curling occurs during use. The former is better to solve, because the construction has not been completed, the latter is more troublesome, because it has been completed, rework in the process of use is very troublesome.

  The reason why the artificial turf construction process is relatively simple is because it can be reworked at any time. There are two reasons for the curling at this time. One is that the glue is applied less, the sticking is caused by stickiness and unsaturation, and the other is the curling edge caused by the drying time after applying the glue. This should pay attention to the application of glue should be moderate, the amount is not too large, of course, certainly not too little, too much drying time is lengthened, and in a few cases will also cause the situation of the edge. After applying the glue, dry it for about five to ten minutes, or you can try the sticky strength of the sticky piece. Under normal circumstances, when the strength is relatively strong, it is difficult to pull open after sticking, and it can be seen that the glue can be adhered when the glue is pulled. At this time, the surface of the glue is not flowing, and it has dried up almost.

  The appearance of the already used site is the most troublesome, and this maintenance is quite troublesome. This needs to clean the filled quartz sand and rubber particles, and then wipe the dirt under the artificial lawn to make the adhesion. After the bonding, the quartz sand and the rubber particles are filled. This is very simple. However, it is very troublesome when it comes to construction, especially the cleaning and filling of quartz sand and rubber particles. It is very difficult to make the connection with the original. Therefore, we must pay more attention to the construction, take it seriously, and achieve a success.

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