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Application of Golden Moon Simulated Lawn in Landscaping

In the landscape design, the Golden Moon simulated lawn has always played an important role and played an important role. The simulation of the lawn adds a lot of vitality and charm to the modern living space with its diverse shapes and aesthetic concepts, which is loved by many people. The artificial turf should be combined with the core elements of the garden landscape to form a natural and rich spatial landscape to meet the needs of people to watch, rest and play.

The purpose of simulating the Golden Moon lawn is to make people look and be able to attract attention. First, the location is important. Second, color is very important. Under the premise of not affecting the overall coordination, some bright colors can be used, and there is a certain contrast with the main landscape or the surrounding environment. The three choices of "material" are very important. Mainly the choice of subject matter, such as the landscape flower beds in the open area, a flower in the green cluster; fourth, the shape is very important. The style should be chic, novel, ingenious and unexpected; it is also humorous, lively and unforgettable.

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