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Artificial grass spray water waxing operation skills

The professional manufacturer of Golden Moon reminded that water spray is a very important maintenance measure for artificial turf, which will directly affect the service life of artificial turf. In addition to water spray, waxing is required during the maintenance of Golden Moon artificial turf. This time and method need to be properly grasped. Although water spray can keep the artificial turf from drying, cracking and quality, there is a disadvantage in water spray. That is, when the artificial turf is too smooth due to water spray, the athlete is easy to wrestle and affect the technology. Therefore, it is necessary to control the time and amount of water spray. The waxing of artificial turf is usually carried out every spring, and it must be operated before returning to the tide; before the waxing, the artificial turf should be wiped clean and dried, washed with alkaline water or washing powder solution, or brushed first. Then rinse, wipe, and dry with water. When waxing artificial grass, you need to put the wax into a small bag sewed with beancloth cloth, and then spray water on the Golden Moon artificial turf from front to back from the front to the back. Wait a while before polishing with a waxing machine.

The wax used here is prepared from the raw materials of No. 10 diesel oil, engine oil, rosin, etc., and has the functions of making the artificial turf not dry, not deteriorating, antiseptic, anti-slip, and the like. Generally, it is used once or twice a week, and the number of times when the climate is dry can be increased as needed.

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