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Artificial turf additive problem

  The identification of artificial turf hazards mainly identifies toxic and harmful chemical pollutants in the turf layer. Often artificial turf layers contain chemical fiber materials, while chemical fiber materials often contain large amounts of chemicals that affect health. For some turf manufacturers, in order to change the performance of chemical fiber, additives will be added to the raw materials to make the artificial turf have more new functions. Of course, the addition of additives to artificial turf raw materials will change the performance of artificial turf, and the improper use of inferior additives will cause secondary damage to artificial turf. Artificial turf additives are fillers, curing agents, plasticizers, stabilizers, flame retardants and colorants. Additives have a very large impact on the quality of artificial turf.

  Most of the artificial turf layer added fillers have no environmental hazards. Most fillers have a reinforcing effect and change the properties of plastic turf. The filler accounts for about 40%-70% of the material, and the commonly used fillers are graphite and mica. Of course, the use of fibrous fillers can increase the structural strength of the material, such as mica filler can enhance the electrical insulation of the raw materials. Graphite improves the wear resistance of the raw materials. The inferior artificial turf layer needs to be added with a curing agent, so that the turf layer forms a body-like network structure, making it a relatively hard and stable rubber product, but different turf layer resins are added to the six ya resin by adding different curing agents, such as phenolic resin. Methyltetramine.

  The above two additive hazards are that chemical fiber materials have certain damage to the environment and the human body; hexamethylenetetramine may cause dermatitis and eczema in the human body. Therefore, please stop the use of this type of unqualified artificial turf products when the body appears uncomfortable. Please go to the local hospital for medical treatment immediately.

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